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Guru Nanak Dev University has established itself as one of the top academic institutions of the country. Having been accorded the status of University with Potential for Excellence (UPE), it has been sanctioned key research projects in four important thrusts areas mainly in the natural sciences. However, underprivileged students studying in the University need to be helped financially for realising full potential of them. Therefore, Alumni Association would welcome contribution for providing aid to the needy students and facilitating research in socially relevant areas. Also keeping in view the contemporary realities of Punjab, University realises its responsibility to initiate research projects for producing in-depth-analysis of the problems such as drug trafficking, crimes, female foeitcide and changing contours of Punjabi society.

The University would welcome suggestions in this regard from well-wishers, who are committed to contribute economically or materially for academic projects of the University.

Alumni willing to provide Contribution may contact Dean, Alumni with the proposal at gndudeanalumni@gmail.com

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